Bandsaw Buying Tips – What To Consider

band sawBand saws are one of the most significant woodworking tool letting you make detailed cuts and curves in your work. Buying the right bandsaw that delivers the best quality and precision is a tough task.

Band saws are available in a wide variety and sport different sizes and features. Band saw reviews online can help but here is a quick guide to help you select the perfect band saw for yourself:

The most suited band saws to be used at a professional level are the cabinet band saw models. They come with a stronger and larger motor and deliver detailed cuts due to their highly structured frame. While for simple and home-based work, smaller models make for the perfect units. A professional and crisp result can be obtained with smaller units as well depending on your style and mode of work.

The Throat
The distance between the vertical frame on the body of the saw and the blade is known as the throat. This measurement is responsible for deciding the the width of the cut that can be completed on the bandsaw.

The Depth Of Cut
On a bandsaw, the distance between the table and the upper blade guides is known as the depth of cut. This distance lets to know the thickness of the stock that can be cut with the saw and is a very significant feature.

Size Of The Motor
The size of the motor is definitely a feature to consider when buying a saw. The home-based models generally sport a motor of 1 horsepower whereas larger motors and variable speeds are incorporated by the large scale models.

Alloy Table and Its Length
An alloy table made of steel, aluminium or cast-iron with the ability to get tilted at the time of cutting at angles is a point to be taken into consideration. The alloy table must tilt to 45 degrees and must be about 16 inches in dimensions. A miter track is also important for the table.

Band Wheels
Band wheels should feature tires that are accompanied by cleaning brushes as it assists to maintain the cleanliness of the band wheels.

Dust Collection
Going for the bandsaws that feature a dust collection port connectable to a vacuum is surely recommended.

Additional Features
Two features that make the bandsaw even more useful and can deliver amazing results in the ripping of wood, cross cutting as well as help to resaw it are the rip fence and the miter gauge.

The instructions guide that accompanies the bandsaw is very helpful for setting up the saw. It is significant to give a through reading of the instructions and it lists a lot of adjustments for the bandsaw to achieve appropriate cuts. The performance of the blades can be improved by following the basic rules of the bandsaw as well as protect them for getting broken.

A proper setting up of the band saw and paying attention to the correct cutting methods is also important. Band saws are one of the safest woodworking tool but one must take some precautions undoubtedly in order to avoid any accidents and cuts from the blades.